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Dec 6, 2013 4:00am EST
policy of apartheid. on to become the country's first truly democratically elected leader. >> i, nelson mandela, do hereby to be faithful to the republic of south africa. a born in a small village to local chief, mandela was one of 13 children and the first member of his family to attend school. in the 1940's, he began opposing minority's policy of apartheid laws that segregated society. first, mandela was inspired by approach of nonviolent resistance. as white south africa became more aggressive, so did he. as the head of the armed wing of the african national congress, mandela led violent sabotage attacks and was arrested and in 1962. he would spend 27 years in jail. he was never forgotten. eventually, international and internal pressure led president klerk to announce apartheid would be dismantled and mandela would walk free. rather than seek richer view showing, nelson mandela reached oppressors.ormer he tried to heal a divided nation. and the clerk -- de klerk shared the nobel peace prize. >> in 1994, he voted for the with millions of his fellow black south africans. became a state
Dec 9, 2013 5:00am EST
spokesman says new elections will be held by 2.bruary he prime minister dissolved parliament yesterday. opposition lawmakers quit parliament to join the protests. buses ls in ukraine say loaded with interior ministry to kiev.e headed hundreds of thousands of protesters have been blocking demanding buildings the government step down. they are angry off reports the a sident is ready to sign trade pact controlled by russia. european at how markets are faring. the heart of europe and france and u.k. under pressure. rest of the markets faring a little better. tapering the timing on the right side and with coming through chinese data and german data today.on as far as the overall come rs. of the industry -- complexion of the groups you see under pressure. these two groups feature hard and heavy in the u.k. seeing some of the miners come a little lower. there are they key speakers at federal reserve today. give ite hawkish who will us more tone and whether it on the bloomberg survey we could see tapering arlier than originally estimated. eking out the smallest of gains detective, dow jones.
Dec 5, 2013 4:00am EST austerity for the 17 months before the elections in your neck of the woods, it looks like they are sticking with austerity. forecasts are a little more bullish than they were this time last year. >> hans, we are looking at apple and china. a huge story. apple will be able to sell their network inside china mobile. some 800 million customers, subscribers. that is seven times bigger than verizon. the question is, will they have any dropped calls? >> talk about the ecb and a moment. let's stay with tech. the google backed bill set for the house vote in washington. are a variety of efforts to regulate and on attand what is going google. anytime the u.s. gets involved, you can expect that it is a first step. if we do see progress on this legislation today, this is just a first step. a lot more has to happen. google's lobbyists can influence whatever comes out of it. --central-bank staff. central banks day, ecb and boe. >> we have got the u.k. at noon london time and then draghi at :45 frankfurt time. what more can draghi do? what will they give for inflation and economic growth forecasts? since
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3